I make strange videos and upload them to youtube and vimeo

Here are some of videos you should know about:


Episodes I-VI are combined to battle for your attention.

A full gallery of HD still frames are available here.

Most Gro$$

Made from the highest grossing films of all time.

sources: star wars, jaws, jurassic park, fast and furious, titanic, harry potter, back to the future, indiana jones, batman, avengers, james bond, lord of the rings, matrix, toy story and lion king.

Soundtrack for a Dying Building

November 8th 2014 the Executive Park Hotel (Bellsouth / NERSHA) was laid to rest by Atlanta Demolition. Here is a hymn to the memory of its 19 stories standing tall.

MB Plate Smash

MB wanted to smash a plate. I wanted to make it last longer.