I make movies for Climenole, LLC with Gideon Kennedy

Here are some of our projects you should know about:


"Clandestine" is the history from 1940 to the present day of encoded shortwave radio broadcasts used to communicate from home governments to spies in the field, also known as Numbers Stations.

"Clandestine" is one man's story of his secretive father, a shortwave radio operator and Numbers Stations enthusiast, and the gulf in communication that exists between them.

Half fiction and half documentary, "Clandestine" intertwines these two stories to show how childish fantasies can lead personal heroes to public villainy.

Made entirely from ephemeral films (news reels, movie serials, industrial and educational films, etc.) existing within the public domain, this approximately 30 minute short will be the third project from Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater and will debut at the 22nd annual International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Nov. 19-29 2009).

LIMO RIDE (warning: graphic images and langauge)

Ten friends recount the unbelievable true story of renting a limousine for an annual event and after 24 hours of indecency, intoxication, possession, trespassing, kidnapping and assault find themselves stranded and left for dead in the middle of nowhere. By combining narration of the actual participants with feature-length re-creation, this telling of “the greatest bar story ever told” marries broad subject with experimental form.